SellMore Web. Web Catalog and Orders

Temovo has developed a desktop solution for the management of catalogues and sales online, SellMore Web. Shops, dealers, agents and customers have the possibility to consult the catalogue from any devices provided with a browser. They can also enter an order or sales offer and check all documents issued. Furthermore, SellMore Web is provided with CRM and allows complete sales management, from the acquisition of orders to approval by the customer care department.


Thanks to SellMore Web, product search is easy and intuitive. The classification of the catalogue into product categories, with infinite levels and sublevels, search filters and free advanced searches help you to identify the product quickly. It is also possible to use full-text search to find products, using a specific word or sentence to get precise results organized according to your search, as with Google, for example. The user can improve the search by the selection of additional filters and the result will change according to these. Finally, you can save your search in an appropriate folder in order to use it again later. SellMore Web manages several product configurators (size-color, automotive etc.), seasons, typologies and infinite variations and goods in stock.

Multi-language and Multi-currency

SellMore Web is multi-language, multi-market and multi-currency: pages, contents and presentations are displayed in more languages and can be distinguished according to market, culture and currency. It is also very easy to add and display different information according to market or language. The system manages unlimited customized pricelists (discounts, offers…) and customer categories (special prices for certain clients or groups of clients…).

Product detail

In order to present your products in the best possible way, SellMore Web provides a product detail which includes images, photos gallery, descriptions… You can customize it with all necessary information: from technical data sheets to PDF brochures and videos.

Furthermore, you can tag products as “Favorites” and save them in different wish lists. The company can also link products to other products according to similar characteristics such as “comparable to”, “it includes”. In this way, the user can move from one product to similar ones through a guided search according to the rules defined by the company.


SellMore Web adapts easily to any device. Even on the smallest screens, SellMore Web guarantees high readability, showing you the most important information and allowing you to see the other elements through useful function buttons. On smartphones and on tablets, consultation is dynamic and fluid thanks to the use of touch gestures that make searches more efficient and intuitive.

Access management and visibility rules

SellMore Web manages all the rules of your company structure. It supports visibility rules, which are determined according to the membership or department (group, dealer, manager area, agent, final customer etc.) and different access levels according to the user’s role (director, sales manager…). The different membership types and users can be connected to different markets, societies, languages or currencies. You can manage the contents of the portal in complete autonomy; at any time the administrator can modify/add products, descriptions, photos and information easily and safely.


SellMore Web is entirely developed with standard and open source technology.


SellMore Web can be set up on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, in standalone mode or in cloud.


The indexing on the search engine can be controlled in every details.

Ready for cloud!

The main supported cloud platforms are Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google Cloud, with smaller platforms also supported.


SellMore Web uses the latest technology in order to protect all confidential data.

Discover SellMore Web!

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