SellMore Promo

Promotion Management System on web and tablet.

SellMore Promo is a departmental system for corporate management of promotions and for the automation of the order collection on tablets, developed for large companies that work with sales promotion systems.

It is a tool that contains a CRM, catalogs, digital showrooms, price and discount lists, management and configuration of sales campaigns, prizes, gifts, benefits and so much more.

The departmental system for promotions management

With SellMore Promo the commercial director is free to set the most complex promotions, which will be easily inserted in the company.

The agent or salesperson can use a tablet or PC to browse the catalog and enter the order and the related promotions applied.

The promotions configurator present both in the app and in the web interface allows the user to easily consult all promotions, filter products, manage campaigns, discounts, giveaways, prizes and anything else necessary to promote the business.


If your customers are supermarket chains, pharmacies or shops, it is necessary to have more or less complex systems to manage prices and discounts. The software developed to date to meet this need are often complicated and, given that they have grown over time, in many cases they are obsolete or difficult to maintain.

In this context, Temovo has developed SellMore Promo for manufacturers and distributors of products in the cosmetics and food sectors. It is a departmental software for managing the insertion of rules on promotions and for taking orders on the iPad.

SellMore Promo is a complete departmental system and it is independent from the ERP used by the company, which allows you to work without having to change the management system itself.

Benefits and discounts
for retail on Web and iPad


Promotions are time-limited initiatives aimed at granting a benefit to a limited set of customers to whom a well-defined number of products are offered.

A benefit granted to a customer can be of various types: the simplest is a discount, but it could also be a gift or special conditions of sale, or other.

There are 10 types of discounts that can be activated in the basic version of SellMore Promo, and they are:

  1. percentage discount
  2. value discount
  3. logistic discount
  4. payment discount
  5. cargo discount
  6. brand budget discount
  7. promo discount
  8. discount price list
  9. channel discount
  10. custom discount

Discounts management

Manage discounts in a simple way

Discount types can be configured in the document header or in line, in order to allow maximum flexibility in configuring and managing the discounts themselves.

Each discount type can be present in several actual discount instances, so that the total number of discounts applicable for a document is virtually infinite.The SellMore Promo document evaluation engine examines each sales document entered and in the entering phase and applies the promo rules in an intelligent way, so as to use the correct discounts for this sale – also taking into account special behaviors and particular cases.

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SellMore Promo automatically calculates the value of the promotion, making the iPad the only tool needed for the offer phase. In this way the seller can show the customer the final amount, with all the chosen promotions applied. SellMore Promo makes it very easy to deal with the customer.

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Make appointments, arrange customers on a map, optimize travel thanks to the tablet. Record the results of each view and consult the history on your iPad. Create custom questionnaires: customer satisfaction, prospect details, surveys, etc. Use the data for new campaigns and new sales.


SellMore allows you to be customized in every managed process. The graphic interface, the collection of data, visit results, customer notes or any information related to a document (extra discounts, promotions, debits, credits, notes of various kinds) are customizable and extendable. We dress SellMore on your needs!

Easy to use even in the office

SellMore Promo provides a special web departmental system for the insertion of promotion rules and control of orders entered by agents. In the office it will be possible to use any PC or a MacBook (Linux works too!) to manage promotions, benefits, control rules and all the order approval workflow. This data then automatically passes to the ERP system, which can load orders without the need for further checks.

The order and the promos applied are very clear to read, like an elegant paper form. You can have the offer or order signed directly on the iPad and send it to the office in real time. Using SellMore means selling with extreme simplicity.


SellMore Web

With the SellMore Web portal, the head office can manage its own sales network: create national branches, create and modify users, manage customers and events, organize and publish various types of documents in a very simple way – price lists, brochures, technical documents , multimedia, assembly diagrams, videos, images, documents, spreadsheets.


Our customers have chosen SellMore for more than 5.000 users, all over the world. SellMore App is already available in 8 languages ​​and includes a hierarchical system of authorizations, which provide for the management of a central office, national branches, distributors and sellers. Each branch can manage its own distributors and each distributor its own sellers. Headquarters, branches and distributors can use SellMore Web to publish data, images, brochures and videos, organizing them by language and culture, making this information hierarchically visible to iPads.

ERP Integration

SellMore was designed to make integration with the company ERP system simple. Contact us for an integration quote with SAP, Oracle, Sage, Infor, QAD, Epicor, IQMS, Plex, Microsoft Dynamics or an in-house developed system.

Case history Webinars

Temovo organizes periodic webinars to present the SellMore solution for the sales force. These are short, very focused presentations, performed via web. Each participant connects to our office and can see what we present.

They chose SellMore

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