Promo 2.0

Promotion Management System. iPad and Desktop.

SellMore Promo is a departmental system for promo management and order entry automation on iPad, designed for large companies who work with sales promotion systems. It contains a CRM, catalogs, a digital showroom, price lists and discounts, management and configuration of campaigns for sales, bonuses, gifts, benefits and so much more.

Departmental system for promotions management

SellMore Promo 2.0 enables the commercial director to arrange complex promotions, which can be entered easily at the company.
The agent or sales manager can use an iPad or a computer to consult a catalog and enter the order with the relevant promotions applied.
The promotions configurator is available both on iPad and on desktop, and allows the user to easily consult all promos, to filter products and manage campaigns, discounts, gifts, bonuses and all which is necessary to promote the business.

Whether your clients are supermarket chains, pharmacies or shops, it is necessary to have systems, both simpler and more complex, to manage prices and discounts.
Until now, the software developed for these particular needs was often complicated, outdated or difficult to maintain.

For this reason, Temovo has developed SellMore Promo 2.0 for producers and suppliers of products related to the cosmetics and food industries. It is a departmental software for the management of promotional rules and order entry on iPad.

SellMore Promo 2.0 is a complete system, totally independent from the company’s ERP and also able to work without making any changes to the ERP.

Benefits and discounts
for retail on Web and iPad

Promotions are initiatives that last for a limited period and consist in granting benefits for a defined number of products, aimed at a specific group of clients.
There are different types of benefits: the simplest is a discount, but it could be also something else, for instance a gift or some particular sales condition.

The standard version of SellMore Promo has 10 types of discounts:

  1. percentage discount
  2. value discount
  3. logistical discount
  4. payment discount
  5. quantity discount
  6. brand budget discount
  7. promotional discount
  8. pricelist discount
  9. channel discount
  10. customized discount

Manage Discounts

Manage discounts with ease

The user can configure discounts in the document head or order line, in this way allowing maximum flexibility of the configuration and management of the discounts. Each type of discount can be present in different discount phases, meaning the total number of applicable discounts in one document is virtually infinite.

The document evaluation engine in SellMore Promo 2.0 analyzes all entered sales documents and in the entry phase applies promotional rules in a smart way, in order to use the right discounts for each particular sale – also taking in account special situations and particular cases.


SellMore Promo 2.0 calculates the value of promotion automatically; in this way the iPad is only necessary in the sales offer phase. The seller can show the final amount to the customer with all the promos previously selected. Thanks to SellMore Promo 2.0 the seller can check the document and deal with the client easily.


Set appointments, view customers on a map, and optimize viewing routes thanks to the tablet. Record the outcomes of each visit and see visits history on your iPad. Create personalized questionnaires: customer satisfaction, prospect details, surveys, etc. Use the data to create new campaigns and new sales.


Every process managed by SellMore can be customized. The graphical interface, data collection, results of viewings, customer notes, and any other information linked to a document (extra discounts, promos, debits, credits, and various notes) can be customized and extended. SellMore can be adapted to meet your needs!

Easy to use also in the office

SellMore Promo 2.0 provides a specific Web departmental system for the management of promotion rules and the control of the orders inserted by the agents. The head office can use any type of computer or a MacBook (Linux also works!) in order to manage promos and benefits, to control rules and all the workflow of order approval. This data is automatically transferred to the ERP System: in this way orders can be loaded without any additional control.

The order and the promos are very easy to read, like an elegant paper document. You can sign the offer or order directly from the iPad and transfer it to the office in real-time. Using SellMore means selling with ease.

SellMore Web

SellMore’s Web portal lets your central office manage the entire sales network: create branches nationwide, create and edit users, manage customers and events, easily organize and publish many kinds of documents—price lists, brochures, technical sheets, multimedia, assembly instructions, videos, images, documents, and electronic sheets.

Same Deutz-Fahr has chosen SellMore for over 3000 users across the world. SellMore App is already available in eight languages and includes a hierarchical authorization system which allows management by a central office, by national branches, by concessions, and by salespeople. Each branch can manage its own concessions and each concession its own sales teams. Central office, branches, and concessions can use SellMoreWeb to publish data, images, brochures, and videos, all organized by language and culture, making all this information visible to the company’s iPads in hierarchical form.

ERP Integration
SellMore was designed for easy integration into company ERP systems. Contact us for a quote on integration with SAP, Oracle, Sage, Infor, QAD, Epicor, IQMS, Plex, Microsoft Dynamics, or even systems developed in-house.

Webinar for more details
Temovo organizes frequent webinars to present the SellMore solution to sales teams. This involves brief, highly focused presentations given online. Each participant connects to our site and can then view our presentations.

They chose SellMore