Plan, release and control your warehouse activities.
PLAN provides flexible, automated support in processing all orders and in managing the business issues related to deliveries and goods movements.

The problem

In the real world customers expect prompt and precise delivery times. This pushes sales office employees to confirm the delivery time requested, even if they are not sure they will be able to deliver. This is due to the lack of a system able to take into account the effect the new order will have on current stock levels.. In short, it is as if you would catalog the contents of a very large, dark room equipped with only a match. You see only a tiny part of the room, and when you reach the end of the room you cannot remember what you have seen previously.

The consequences of this situation are often disastrous:

  • Continuous emergencies inside the company in order to meet delivery time.
  • Difficulties in planning re-orders due to the increase of purchase costs.
  • Missed payments if delivery times are not respected.


  • Dissatisfied customers, which means fewer orders and more competition.
  • A perception of the company as unreliable, potentially damaging the entire brand.


Customer typically make certain requests:
  • I need it immediately; Do you have the goods in stock?
  • I need it in a week. Is it possible?
  • When can you deliver my order?


There are a lot of variables to take into consideration, often in conflict with each other:
  • Do I have the goods in stock?
  • Do I have the goods in other warehouses?
  • Do I have enough goods available to satisfy all of the customer’s orders?
  • Which customer will have priority?
  • Do I have enough current production to satisfy customer requests?
  • Can I buy goods from third parties?


But also restrictions:
  • That customer is important and I can’t let them down.
  • I have promised him a delivery time that I can’t change.
  • Those goods have already been promised to another customer.
  • The goods are ready, but they are reserved for another order.


Furthermore, decisions must be taken in a situation that evolves continuously:
  • New incoming orders.
  • Current orders can be modified and completely or partially cancelled.
  • The availability in warehouse changes continuously, according to incoming goods (from production to purchase) and exiting goods (shipping).


In order to ensure excellent and efficient service, PLAN elaborates on the needs of the client and current and future availability in real time, taking into consideration all types of variables and suggesting possible delivery dates. In this way it will guarantee the promised delivery dates to the client, using the goods in stock for confirmed orders and placing new orders if necessary. All confirmed delivery dates (by hand or automatically) then create the business delivery program that allows all departments (commercial, production, purchase and sales) to reach the same aim: to provide stability and guarantee the customer sales agreements. From a delivery program, PLAN allows the increase of the warehouse’s activities and to fulfil orders in the traditional way or by using touchscreen devices. Touchscreen devices help you control the consignment process. It guarantees the possibility to check if the planned delivery dates are being followed or whether prompt action must be taken in order to fulfill the delivery to the satisfaction of the client.

Discover the features of Plan

Order Planning

Plan develops the orders in real time, according to current and future availability, and offers a delivery program which takes into consideration all the measures inserted (make or buy, transfer and preparation time, production lead time, etc.). Planned deliveries are displayed on a console, which instantly shows the processing times and any critical issues, both for the total order and single line.
order planning
reservation of availability

Dynamic reservation of availability

Goods availability is calculated and dispatched according to:

  • Inventory immediately available in the principal warehouse
  • Inventory available through transfers from secondary warehouses
  • Future availability from supply/production orders

If there is no availability, Plan develops a possible delivery date according to:

  • Production request (Make)
  • Purchasing request (Buy)

Processing Transfer Requirements

On the basis of confirmed orders, Plan creates transfer orders, the operations for executing the physical goods’ movements. According to work requirements, the warehouse manager will be able to regroup different orders into a single operation, and on the contrary to divide a single order into different operations. At any time, it is possible to display the workload of the warehouse, using graphs that determine possible full capacity (saturation) of the department, and if necessary take some measures (changing delivery dates or overtimes) in the warehouse.
processing transfer requirements

Control of warehouse activity

It is very important to check the current warehouse’s activity in order to understand if the indicated delivery dates will be respected, and if necessary acting promptly to take appropriate measures. By the use of touchscreen devices and the Stock App, the progress of the order is updated in real time, providing useful and easily understandable reports about the status of warehouse activity.
control of warehouse activity


Plan is developed with integrated online technology, meaning you can check it on any devices with internet access.


The installation is centralized with the server, making updates easy.


Plan is perfectly integrated with SellMore and Stock, allowing to manage all business flow with a single package.

Real Time

Plan records all ERP activities in real time and re-plans the situation taking into account the differences.

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