SellMore for Automotive

Dealer Management System on tablet.
SellMore for Automotive is a Sales Force Automation (SFA) app developed for larger automotive companies.

The tool includes CRM, catalogue, digital showroom, price lists and discounts, offers management and configuration, finance management and calculation, retrieval and modification of used vehicles, and many other features.

The app for configuring automotive offers

With the SellMore app for iPad, a salesperson can use an iPad to configure a vehicle, choosing the model, trim, compatible options, discounts, and promotions to be included in the deal. The configurator in the app allows the user to browse the catalogue, filter by engine power or features, choose a base model, select the trim, and add or remove optional extras. The seller can then set up the vehicle in just a few easy steps.
The offer can then be finalized with the evaluation and acceptance of a trade-in vehicle, the application of a discount, and finally, be sent via email to the potential customer. The system for choosing the trim supports a configuration matrix, viewable by simply clicking on the column for the desired trim.

During the configuration process, the salesperson can use the tablet to check price calculations in real-time, and offer their customers various financial deals by selecting terms and conditions options.

Dealer Management System (DMS) on iPad

The dealer can supply their salespeople tablets containing the latest catalogue of models, trim options, and the correct options for any extras, all linked to the latest price list, offers, discounts by type, etc.

The app will also continue to work off-line, with no internet connection, because all the information is stored locally on each tablet. Each salesperson can access the used vehicle fleet in order to show the customer all the used models available. They can also record a potential part-exchange of a used vehicle as part of the offer.

Brochure on tablet

Shows your range of vehicles in an elegant digital showroom.

Browse through them; zoom in on a detail, view more information, see details and technical sheets, and view presentation videos. Send your brochure to your customer, directly from the iPad, and record the customer’s data in the SellMore CRM system.

Finance Calculator

SellMore includes a powerful finance calculator integrated right into the app and available during the offer phase. This allows salespeople to show their customers the applicable financing payments. SellMore integrates with some of the most widely used online financing services.

Itineraries and Route Tracking

Set appointments, view customers on a map, and optimize viewing routes thanks to the tablet. Record the outcomes of each visit and see visits history on your iPad. Create personalized questionnaires: customer satisfaction, prospect details, surveys, etc. Use the data to create new campaigns and new sales.


Every process managed by SellMore can be customized. The graphical interface, data collection, results of viewings, customer notes, and any other information linked to a document (extra discounts, promos, debits, credits, and various notes) can be customized and extended. SellMore can be adapted to meet your needs!

Vehicle offers: from paper to tablet

Adding a product configuration from a document (offer, order, etc.) produces a bill of materials that includes the base product and the list of optional components, with related quantities. This data is automatically transferred to the office and expanded into a document that has as many lines as the number of components. Alternatively, the system can generate a document on the fly, also creating a configured product in the company’s ERP. The offer is easy to read, like an elegant paper document. You can sign the offer or order directly from the iPad and transfer it to the office in real-time. Using SellMore means selling with ease.

SellMore Web

SellMore’s Web portal lets your central office manage the entire sales network: create branches nationwide, create and edit users, manage customers and events, easily organize and publish many kinds of documents—price lists, brochures, technical sheets, multimedia, assembly instructions, videos, images, documents, and electronic sheets.
InternationalisationSame Deutz-Fahr has chosen SellMore for over 3000 users across the world. SellMore App is already available in eight languages and includes a hierarchical authorization system which allows management by a central office, by national branches, by concessions, and by salespeople. Each branch can manage its own concessions and each concession its own sales teams. Central office, branches, and concessions can use SellMoreWeb to publish data, images, brochures, and videos, all organized by language and culture, making all this information visible to the company’s iPads in hierarchical form.
ERP IntegrationSellMore was designed for easy integration into company ERP systems. Contact us for a quote on integration with SAP, Oracle, Sage, Infor, QAD, Epicor, IQMS, Plex, Microsoft Dynamics, or even systems developed in-house.
Webinar for more detailsTemovo organizes frequent webinars to present the SellMore solution to sales teams. This involves brief, highly focused presentations given online. Each participant connects to our site and can then view our presentations.

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