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Mobile Order Management System

SellMore is the app for iPad, also available for the web, that lets sales reps show a digital catalog of their company’s products, check prices and discounts, take orders and manage promotions or offers directly form their iPad.

Our sales rep software syncs with your ERP thanks to our flexible sync engine, allowing you to work offline when needed. Sales reps can show pictures of products and present all specifications thanks to an elegant slideshow function. SellMore can also handle variants in color sizes on your iPad.

SellMore is for all companies that wish to equip their representatives with truly modern and effective software to automate the sales and marketing process.
Its elegance, simplicity and great attention to usability means you can learn how to use it and start taking orders in no time at all.
Create catalogs from your ERP data and manage orders by simply touching the iPad screen, selecting a picture to see the technical details of the product, scrolling prices and discounts on the screen and then inserting the sales order. Once completed, the orders will then be transmitted automatically to the company offices.

A complete system for Sales Force Automation

SellMore is made up of several sections, arranged on a virtual desktop and logically divided into at least three functional areas:


to manage relationships with customers and sales prospects


catalogs, sales document, offers and orders


additional functions and setup

Our app handles the order entry process, starting with customers’ personal details and product data and also revisions of pre-existing orders. Due to the disconnected nature of the app, the sales rep is completely autonomous in the order intake process and for showing catalogs and prices, discounts or promotions, in compliance with the constraints imposed by the company and without the need for an internet connection. SellMore is not just order entry: it includes a comprehensive CRM system on the iPad, which enables you to manage the list of prospects, sales opportunities, route tracking, to do’s, and meetings’ calendar.

To ensure a better use of resources, the cost of SellMore is divided into three different levels or modules.

SellMore CRM a CRM on iPad and desktop, the CRM edition includes all common necessary functionality for efficient management of a great number of sales agents and potential customers. It gives the opportunity for the company and the agent to plan route tracking, supply feedback of phone calls and meetings, and note and organize future activities for each customers or prospect. Sales opportunities will strongly encourage agents, as they receive potential sales from the central or business marketing office.

SellMore MODEL to arrange your product catalogue on iPad and Desktop the MODEL edition includes the functions for the management of interactive catalogs, prices and discounts, in addition to all the functions of the CRM edition. With this edition sales agent can work in a complete way, dealing with the pre-sales, including photos and images illustration, technical documents and data sheets.

SellMore SELL to arrange for the management of documents on iPad and desktop. In addition to all the functions of CRM edition and MODEL, the SELL edition also includes the management of sales orders or proposed orders. You can check the condition of shipping, payment and stock. It deals with the most updated version of the App. Through this App, agents can work in complete autonomy and can also collect orders and supply prompt services for customers.

It is possible to buy each level only if you have purchased the previous level.


Products, price lists and discounts – including seasonal promotions – are all available by synchronizing data from the company’s ERP through the SellMore Sync Server. The rapid data synchronization engine also enables inventory adjustment and the availability of the goods. From the product list you can set favorite products, select color or size variations and drop items into the sales order.

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Itineraries and Route tracking

One of the most appreciated features of SellMore is the integration of iPad calendars and appointments with itineraries and route tracking. The integration of iPad calendars and appointments with itineraries and route tracking allows you to set the time of visits and their priority, meaning you can check everything on an interactive map in order to optimize the route and minimize road time, lateness and potential postponements. Sales reps can link a specific outcome to each appointment, completing a questionnaire drawn up by the company itself through a customizable HTML form. Based on the responses received, the company can then provide targeted marketing, follow ups, etc. In this way managers are always well informed and it is easy to manage the sales pipeline in real time.

SellMore Sync


SellMore System is based on 3 different modules, organized in a layered architecture:

SellMore Sync keeps all iPads aligned by synchronizing all customer data, price lists, products, prices and, of course, sales orders to and from the ERP. Based on Microsoft .NET technology, it is highly customizable to fit any existing ERP. SellMore Sync provides different connectors to ERPs.

SellMore Server stores all iPad data, making it available to the various departments or ERPs (document, CRM …), and also manages the notification system, workflow and reporting.
SellMore App for iPad is available to sales reps. It features an intuitive graphical interface, with simple easy-to-use functions, visually and integrated with the ERP. It has its own storage space on the iPad to enable offline work, and its own SQL database on which all the management data are inserted. It also contains client-to-sync data with the SellMore Server, which automatically manages the transmission of orders. In the picture you can see the Sync module of the app in action.

Always efficent. On desktop too.

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