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The Merchandising app to better communicate and manage  your products in stores.

Collect store data, share results, use historical data.

SellMore Merchandising in short…

The app developed for companies working with retail and large-scale distribution, complete with CRM, product catalog, management of sales promotions and orders, questionnaires, agenda and everything you need to get the best from the sales network. Available on the iOS app in offline mode, a requirement of primary importance for those who work on the move and is often without internet coverage.

All merchandising activities are aimed at inducing customers to make a purchase.

Mobile merchandising facilitates the discovery of valuable market information and helps you manage the many activities necessary to improve the influence of your brand in the various stores.

Is your product positioning in stores correct?

Most companies do not have effective tools for the constant monitoring of the shelf situation. Products are an extension of the brand, so it is essential to make regular visits to the store to ensure that they are correctly displayed to customers, promoted efficiently and always available: communicating well means selling. The intuitive interface of SellMore Merchandising allows the agent/merchandiser to carry out a survey in a very short time, record what the store is selling, how it is displaying it and what price it is applying. You can enter free notes, take photos to give a more precise idea to the commercial back office and send the files in real time via email.

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Easily perform real time surveys, complete control forms and attach images to send to the company. SellMore App Merchandising can help you ensure that your goods appear to customers as they should!

Discover valuable market information to increase sales





With analytics and reporting, SellMore App Merchandising provides valuable data on the trends that are occurring in the market, ensuring that you make more informed decisions for your business, based on reliable data. During the survey, agents/merchandisers can select what has been checked and modified within the store and see the progress of their activity. Thanks to the filters and the search bar, they can quickly find a product or scan it directly from the shelf, using the barcode.

Improved relationship and goals management


With SellMore’s customer and prospect management, your agents/merchandisers can enter new contacts in their personal data during daily visits and connect them to the various shops, to better manage relationships.

The SellMore Merchandising app allows merchandisers to define clear goals and allows immediate review of activities based on reports, ensuring managers make more informed decisions and maximizing the efficiency of the sales team.

Your merchandisers will always have all the information they need to be successful and you will be able to track business results in real time.


Example of collection

example of collection

5 advantages of the Merchandising app for your company:


1. Increase the productivity of the agent/merchandiser: it reduces data collection times, generates reports automatically, manages real-time multimedia and visits.

2. Make your flows paperless: data is fully synchronized betweenagent teams and company headquarters.

3. Quickly understand market needs: thanks to real-time surveys, you will be able to constantly improve the visibility of your brand.

4. Increase revenues: present product catalogs professionally, manage sales promotions and orders with a single and always up-to-date tool.

5. Improve the sales experience: take advantage of a simple and efficient app in all contexts, highly customizable based on your needs.

Merchandising is essential in the management of retail. Temovo’s Merchandising App allows you to easily coordinate all stages of merchandising operations to improve retail management and increase the productivity of your teams in the field.

Make merchandising activities easier, smarter and more productive: contact us for a free demonstration.

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