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Dealer Management System

The iPad and Web app to configure the offer of a vehicle.

SellMore for Automotive is a Sales Force Automation (SFA) app developed for large automotive companies that allows you to automate sales and commercial relations with dealers and branches.

SellMore makes available:

Customer management.

Basic customer details, notes and questionnaires, documents, orders, offers, invoices, statistics, forms, etc.


Standard PDFs, interactive PDFs, brochures, multimedia, PDM (Product Data Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management).

Product configurator.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) with automatic compatibility check.

Valuation and trade-in of used machines.

The offer can be completed with the valuation and the trade-in of used machines, with the granting of a discount, and then finally it is sent by email to the potential customer. The used-vehicle fleet is also available.

Financing management.

SellMore has a powerful calculator integrated in the app and to some of the most spread online financing services, usable during the offer phase.

Digital contracts management.

SellMore allows you to digitally collect any form and contract with the customer’s graphometric signature that is legally valid.

The digital catalog

Inside the iPad you can load multiple catalogs, from normal PDFs to interactive ones, brochures, magazines and other multimedia such as photos and videos. Everything is available in off-line mode as well.

The catalog can be divided by brands or producers, by type of machine or by final use. It is possible to consult the models in different languages and share informative content, such as documents, brochures, videos or images, in different languages and in different ways depending on the sales country.

Present your range of vehicles in an elegant digital showroom!

Browse them, enlarge some details, open the detail sheets, datasheets, presentation videos. Send the brochure to the customer, directly from the iPad, and at the same time register customer data in the SellMore CRM.

catalogo digitale brand

The configurator

With the SellMore App a seller can use the iPad to configure a vehicle, a tractor or a machine, choosing the model, equipment, compatible optionals and discounts or promotions.

The seller will arrive to the finished product in just few steps!

Configuring a machinery is very simple: the operator only has to worry about enabling or disabling the various additional components.

The system, in fact, automatically manages the compatibilities and the incompatibilites between the components: if a chosen component necessarily requires other components, these are added in the configuration as well. Moreover, thanks to the concept of “assemble-disassemble”, when we choose (assemble) a new component, SellMore Configurator automatically removes (disassembles) from the configuration those that are not compatible with it.

cover cpq
trade in

Valuation and trade-in of used vehicles

The offer can be completed with the valuation and trade-in of used vehicles, with the granting of a discount, and then finally it is sent by email to the potential customer. The equipment-choice system allows you to use configuration matrixes, that can be easily chosen by clicking on the chosen equipment column.

During the configuration, the seller can use the tablet to verify the calculation of the price in real time and he can offer to his customers different economic solutions by selecting optional conditions.

Exploded-view purchase – Spare Parts Management

For the online sale of the components, accessories and spare parts.

The spare parts portal facilitates the research for components starting from the product information: model, date of purchase, and – if available – serial number. If this information is not available, the system proposes the list of the available versions and their related components.

Once you have identified model and version, the system presents the list of all the spare parts available and the exploded-view table for the visual selection of a particular component.

The exploded-view spare parts tables are real digital graphic representations – 2D or 3D – of the various parts of the product.

On each of these it is possible to proceed with the order of the desired component, through a simple selection/click.

configuratore spare parts

Dealer Management System (DMS) su iPad

The dealer will be able to provide his resellers with tablets and they will find the models catalog, the management of equipment, the correct options for any extras, all updated and associated with the latest price list, offers, discounts by type, etc.

The functioning of the App is ensured even in the absence of an internet connection, because all the data is stored locally on each tablet. Each salesperson can access the used vehicle fleet in order to show the customer the availability of these items. They can also record a potential return of a used vehicle, quoting it within the offer (trade-in management).

The offer of a vehicle: from paper to tablet

Adding a product configuration from a document (offer, order, etc.) produces a bill of material that includes the base product and the list of additional components, with related quantities. This information will be automatically transferred to the head office and put in a document, which will contain as many lines as there are components.

Alternatively, the system can generate a bill on the fly and thus create a configuration in the company ERP as well.

The offer is very easy to read, as if it was an elegant paper form. You can have the offer or order signed directly on the iPad and transferred to the office in real-time. Using SellMore means selling with ease.

situazione documenti

Back Office area

With the SellMore web portal, the head office can manage its own sales team: create national branches, create and edit users, manage customers and events, organize and publish various types of documents in a very simple way – price lists, brochures, technical documents, multimedia, assembly diagrams, videos, images, documents, electronic spreadsheets.


Same Deutz-Fahr has chosen SellMore for over 5000 users across the world. SellMore App is already available in 8 languages and includes a hierarchical authorization system which allows management by a central office, by national branches, by dealers, and by sellers. Each branch can manage its own dealers and each dealer its own sales teams. Headquarters, branches, and dealers can use SellMore Web to publish data, images, brochures and videos, all organized by language and market, making all this information visible to the company’s iPads in a hierarchical form.


Thanks to pre-arranged connectors, between SellMore by Temovo and the CRMs by both Leadspark and Microsoft, which are widely used in the automotive industry, it is possible to make the two tools communicate quickly, thus guaranteeing many advantages.

SellMore is designed to make the integration to the company’s ERP simple.

The integrations already available are with:

  • Microsoft Navision
  • AX
  • Business Central
  • Sage X3
  • JD Edwards
  • BAAN
  • Panthera
  • Team System
  • AS400


  • Faster, easier and more efficient sales management.
  • Reduction of printing costs for price lists and brochures.
  • Provide the sales team with a modern and complete tool for the management of customers.
  • Reduction of support for training and marketing costs.
  • Up-to-date commercial network (prices, products, marketing materials, promotions, …).
  • Use historical data to adopt new sales strategies.
  • Custom app to the specific needs and integrated with the systems already in use in your company.

They chose SellMore

argo tractors

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