ULT International S.r.l.

ULT International exclusively produces and distributes the historic brand Unlimited Jeans in Italy, founded in 1976, helping to define the jeans and denim market in Italian terms: essential and original.

The company has 28 agents, and they had a strong need for a tool which would allow them to promote and introduce Unlimited products to clients in a dynamic way and receive, on iPad, the latest catalogues with constantly changing product lines, images and sales conditions according to promotional season and offers in particular periods of the year.

For the company, it was also necessary to register and import the orders of new clients/dealers in the ERP system in just a few minutes.

In collaboration with the IT management team, coordinated by Mr. Manuel Spongia, the ULT International’s features and the integration’s requirements of its own ERP multi-business have been analyzed. In particular they faced several problems, fortunately solved thanks to SellMore, from the presentation of the catalogue on iPad to the order management and other common problems connected to the clothing & fashion industry or specific to ULT International, solutions which in any case were largely drawn from SellMore’s normal practice:

  • Customers management would have to be specific not only for agents but also for areas and categories, so they needed a specific filter for each agent’s customers list;
  • Customer profile had to underline essential customer data, such as the credit and the “quality” of the client;
  • Automatic and multiple notifications had to be managed, during the receiving and approval of the customer’s order, according to the role (order mail, order confirmation mail, approval and import notification…); Besides brand and season, product classification on tablet also had to consider categories and model;
  • Customer contacts’ list coming from the CRM integrated in the ERP had to be shown in the customer sheet on iPad;
  • For the entry of an order of a new customer, SellMore for iPad had to manage not only the update of the new customer data, but also to generate specific order documents, which had to follow a special workflow before the definitive entry in the ERP.
  • For block orders a different order type necessary which had to be subject to a further valuation for unrelated clients;
  • Different types of description line had to be managed (agent notes, sales office note, administration notes, and so on);
  • During the input of data order from size/color grid, SellMore had to manage expected minimum quantity (ex. 12, 24, 36,…), multipliers/adders for quickly increase of quantity (x2, x5, +5, +10,…) and it had to be possible to use intuitive gestures to cancel cells or lines, to increase values and to copy lines in other lines.

SellMore has introduced these and other functionalities in order to promote Unlimited products through Apple iPad in an efficient way.

With a fast training session and some configuration sessions, sales reps were immediately able to eliminate printed catalogues and eliminate them with interactive PDF catalogues, and could also considerably reduce unnecessary communication in terms of the number of phone calls, emails and faxes. The order flow is now completely integrated between SellMore and our ERP system.

Manuel Spongia

ICT Manager, ULT International

Business: Fashon