Mirato spa

The Story of the Company:

Mirato was born in Italy in the ‘60s, during the “economic boom”, a period characterized by a strong growth of the request for new products dedicated to personal hygiene and care.

Corrado Ravanelli, the current president of the Company, started his production with a product that was innovative for the Italian market: the Splend’Or hairspray. This hairspray found immediate success among consumers, becoming the product able to initiate the growth of the Company.

The ‘80s represent a milestone in the history of Mirato: the Company launches Malizia, a line complete of personal deodorants that were practical, fresh and in a variety of frangrances, destined to young females.

The success is extraordinary due to the identification of a specific target and the creation of a set of products for personal care that were destined to stand out as innovative products, practical and affordable for everyone.

Carrying on with its strategy of innovation and segmentation of the offer, in the ‘90s Mirato introduces to the market a new line of products and “umbrella” brand that soon becomes extremely popular, just like Malizia: Intesa.

Lastly, in 1998, Mirato expands once more its selection of products for personal hygiene with two more lines: Bon Bons Malizia and Malizia Unisex. The first one is the first eau de toilette dedicated to young girls, a market segment not covered by the offer yet, while the second one completes Malizia’s offer thanks to personal deodorants for men and women.

In December 2000, the Company bought Clinians, a brand with a prominent role in the cosmetics market.

The brand, characterized by an essentially feminine audience, a polished image and a high positioning in the market, boasts a remarkable reputation and it is universally acknowledged as a symbol of quality and safety.

In 2006, the Company buys Geomar, a brand characterized by specific products for body care (mud baths, scrubs, herbal creams) belonging to an expanding market niche not covered by Mirato.

In 2009, Mirato bought Breeze, a longstanding brand present in the market since 1962.

In 2015 Glicemille and Nidra become part of the Mirato family.

Lastly, in 2017, the Giannasso Group is acquired: a world leader in the market of natural and biological products with the brand I Provenzali.

In 2018 the Company reported a turnover of 170 million Euros. 


Mirato and Temovo: the management of sales processes.

Mirato is a company that is constantly growing with particular attention to innovation of products and processes.

The challenge that they gave us was to manage the sales force while respecting the company’s promotional logics, replacing the already existing solution, which was old and not efficient anymore, with a new one that used mobile and web technologies, online and offline.

The main goals expected by this project were multiple. Management of promotions, channel conditions, contracts and brand budget, commissions and end-of-year premiums, logistics conditions, payment and transport, samples management and relationship with Mass-Retail-Channel. Numerous needs belonging to their industry and, in general, to companies that work in Mass-Retail and with sales.

Focusing on this topic, we have customized and provided them with SellMore, a web and mobile app with an easy and intuitive interface, designed for the management of the whole sales process and integrated with the ERP.

In this way, information is gathered and distributed by different channels, but it arrives to the company where it can be grouped, processed and analyzed.

Thanks to SellMore Promo, the sales and marketing director is able to set the most complex promotions, that will be easily inserted within the company. Agents can use iPads and PCs to browse the catalog and insert orders and the connected promotions available. 

Mirato can then define a promotion, give this a period of validity, determine for which customers and on which products promos are available in a specific time period, and it can state the benefits that the activation of the promotion can bring.

Canvass, which are the sales policies that govern relationships with the distribution channel, are generic conditions valid for a certain amount of time on a certain group of customers.

Since agreements can change every trimester, it is possible to define these canvass each time. Agreements made in the first trimester may change in the second one, therefore products are subject to the conditions established on the period they were ordered.

All these data and information can be easily managed by the company in the platform. In this way, the sales and marketing director has a useful tool to define strategies, sales initiatives, promos and discounts to apply to customers.

The mobile version, available on iPad, allows agents to easily manage orders with complex price rules, even offline. All data are registered in the device as well and can be synchronized on the first internet access.

Having to deal with all these promos and their validity dates, Mirato needed to historicize the conditions applied to a customer in a specific time period. This is why we created the “Statistics” section, where it is possible to consult this information.

These data are fundamental to determine if the undertaken commercial activities brought to the expected results. Through these analyses they can optimize and increment future sales.

Thanks to SellMore, Mirato simplified back-office and front-end formation, integrated and automated documents flow via mobile and web, centralized content sharing and increased the brand’s prestige through image, efficiency and passion.

In 2019, to conclude an ambitious and sophisticated digitalization process, we have integrated a module for the management of all Merchandising activities.


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Product: SellMore Promo and SellMore Merchandising