For over 20 years working in the wellness and natural cosmetics business, Lakshmi was born from a profound passion for the East and from the thousand-year old wisdom of Ayurveda (the traditional medicine used in India ever since ancient times, and to these days still used in the subcontinent more than western medicine). 

The Story of the Company:

In 1980, Franco Canteri, who at the time was a yoga and meditation instructor, took part in one of the first courses on Ayurveda that took place in New Delhi. The course was called “Pioneers of Ayurveda”. Here he learned the profound value of this discipline and he acquired a new way of seeing life on Earth and human beings. 

Inspired by the philosophy learned in this phase of his life, during which he discovered a synergy between emotions and nature, he created a cosmetics line that one year later managed to cover all the needs of professional beauty, with a wide range of products.

This is how the research to fulfill a dream considered impossible by everyone began: to produce completely natural cosmetics. Lakshmi determination lead them to build a cosmetic laboratory in Tuscany. They started with a small lab of 70 square meters.

Now it is one of the biggest labs of natural products in Europe, with over 2 million pieces produced every year. Today almost all their products are completely natural and they are Certified eco-biological AIAB, the italian association that certifies natural products. 

With Lakshmi it was possible to fulfill the dream of an “Estetica Etica” (Ethic Beauty), whose goal is to bring to life the inseparable pair “Beauty and Wellness” every single day. The result was an extraordinary cosmetics line called “Made with Joy”, designed with joy, love and respect. 

In this perspective of innovation and environmentally sustainability, we collaborated on a digital project.


Sales Management with SellMore.

We have provided Lakshmi’s sales department with a centralized tool for the management of sales data

To these days, among the best tools for agents, we find Sales Force Automation and CRM systems, with an easy and smooth User Experience (UX). It takes time before people get used to a new way of doing things, so the easier it is to use the tool, the less resistance to change there will be. 

Agents on the field upload the data in real time, which allows the company to check all data and other related advantages: 

  • No more spreadsheets or paper burocracy for agents.
  • Work in synchrony, everywhere.
  • Centralization of sales data in only one system that is easily accessible.
  • Customized sales management for each customer and creation of cross-selling and up-selling strategies.
  • Autonomous identification of weaknesses in the process.
  • Lakshmi’s agents, via the SellMore app, can see, for each customer, the bank statement, open orders details, out-of-contract sales for each year, financial situation or state of contract.
  • They also have a customized purchase interface, with the open order highlighted. They can add and see additional data on top of the document, automatically calculate transportation costs, see the order summary and transform documents from one type to another (e.g. offer >> order).
  • We have also digitalized order management related to training courses, creating a customized document in which agents can insert the participants’ data. SellMore, processing the inserted data, automatically generates the filled out form depending on the company’s template.
  • Furthermore, for each completed order, they can see a report that shows the shipped products with the detail of the shipped and remaining quantities. 
  • Data distribution from and to the ERP allows the company to work in synchrony, in an easy, fast and correct way. 


The added value given by SellMore: the custom digital management of your specific needs. 




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