Argo Tractors

Argo Tractors was built with the goal of incorporating all the brands and tractor related activities of the Argo Group.

Argo Tractors is Landini, McCormick and Valpadana; international brands that have given a remarkable contribution to the development of agricultural mechanization.

With a production capacity of over 22.000 tractors produced and marketed, with its brands, Argo tractors is amongst the most important players of the Western world.

Truthful to the Argo Group philosophy, Argo Tractors activity is based on a strong manufacturing and commercial integration that connects the different activities: commercial, R&D, engineering, purchase, logistics, pre and post-sales services.

Production is based on the synergy of 4 sites, each one of them dedicated to a specific product line, and 2 spare parts centers in Italy and France.

Research and Development, as well as engineering, are located in the Fabbrico headquarter (Reggio Emilia, Italy); quality checks are present in every area with the aim of achieving qualitative excellence.

Today Argo Tractors, with Landini, McCormick and Valpadana tractors, is present all over the world with one of the broadest selection of products.


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