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CPQ Configurator

Product Configurator

SellMore has a powerful product configurator cpq that allows users to automatically generate the correct configuration of the order row. 

Available on iPad (works offline as well) and on web e-commerce portals. 

A tool destined to customers, sales network, agents, partners/suppliers, sales team, to create offers and quotes fast and without errors.

Create an intuitive configuration process on every sales channel.

Allow sales teams and partners to easily generate configurations of complex products. Speed up sales integrating SellMore Configurator to CRM, e-commerce and ERP.



Every product has the necessity to have its own configuration.



Prices are calculated following the same rules of the ERP and depending on how the configurator is set up.



Configured products, even if heterogenous, can end up on the same order/offer.

The configurator areas of use

With the commercial configurator the user can see not only specific products, but ad hoc ones as well, which are generated for customers following specific company rules. 

configuratore automotive



SellMore allows you to correctly configure cars/trucks/tractors (etc.) by choosing equipment and options. It also allows you to manage trade-in and customizable discounts. The configurator allows a dealer to choose a model, then to define an equipment and to add or remove options. 

The offer can be completed with the evaluation and collection of a used vehicle and finally sent by email to the potential customer. Throughout the configuration, the retailer can check the calculation of the price in real time and also agree on a type of discount or an overvaluation of used-machines.

Same Deutz-Fahr chose SellMore for over 5.000 users worldwide.

Size-color configurator-

Grid purchase

Grid purchase is ideal when a product has two types of variants and allows you to see all the alternatives in a single interface. Ideal for the fashion, footwear and clothing industries.

SellMore allows you to configure a purchase using the size/color grid or to build customized clothes (choice of waistcoat, shirt, type of jacket, type of trousers, etc…). The system also manages complex configurations and assortments, making it also suitable for footwear sale.


Food industry Configurator

SellMore allows the quick creation of Christmas baskets, gift packs and product kits in general.

Exploded-view purchase: Spare Parts Management 

SellMore manages the spare parts tables of the products through the exploded-view purchase. The spare parts exploded-view tables are real digital graphic representations – 2D or 3D – of the parts of the product.

Through a simple selection/click, it is possible to purchase the desired component.

HVAC+R systems Configurator

In addition to the possibility of making an exploded-view purchase for the individual components, SellMore allows you to configure the choice of boilers, air conditioners and systems in general, helping the user through the typing of the rooms parameters.

configuratore spare parts

Furniture Configurator

SellMore allows you to configure a piece of furniture – e.g. a couch, a bed, a kitchen. Through simple choices, the user can customize the furniture to meet the customer’s needs.

For example, a certain optional may be in place of a standard component (in the configuration of a table, the optional glass countertop will replace the standard wooden top), or may require another component (an extendable table requires the aluminum guide on which to slide the top). The system offers a valid configuration with relative price at any time, and the user will arrive at the configured product in few simple steps.

cpq furniture

Configure prices and discounts.

Freedom with no surprises.

prezzi e sconti

SellMore Configurator manages constraints related to product availability and prices for different customers and markets.

Given the diversity of the sectors served, the SellMore user interface changes according to use and can be customized to manage the particular logics of the company.

Generate complex business offers in few minutes using the CPQ software

In the case of a new configuration, the SellMore engine generates a user interface to manage the possible options, starting from the product configuration information. The user can choose what to include (equipment, accessories, by-products) and in what quantity, the system will carry out validity and accuracy checks in real time, excluding/including everything that is incompatible/mandatory with respect to the current choices.

The system also provides the possibility of defining pre-configurations or equipment (wooden table, glass table, lacquered table) which will speed up the process.

The insertion of a configured product in a document (order, offer, etc …) actually produces a bill of materials including the basic product and a list of additional components, with the relative quantity.

This information will be transferred to the head-office and split-up in a document that will contain as many lines as there are components.

Alternatively, the system can generate a bill on the fly and thus create a configured product in the company ERP.

In the case of a modification of an existing configuration, SellMore compares the product configuration information with the previously generated bill of materials. During this phase, inconsistencies may arise which will be reported to the user. For example, the configuration of a table dating back several days ago is no longer valid today, because the glass top is out of production. In this case, the system warns the user indicating what is no longer valid in the current configuration, forcing him/her to make changes to solve the problem.

The configurator allows you to customize the user interface depending on the product and so, configurators for cars, furniture, clothes, systems, etc., can coexist in the same SellMore installation.

SellMore is responsible for generating and modifying the bill of materials of the components starting from the configuration logics and for transferring them to the company management system.

SellMore has many other functions

The user can view catalogs, perform filtered searches, compare products, download data sheets, create an order and view the cart. He/She can also consult the documents generated, filter them by status “open”, “rejected” etc.

During the order/offer phase, it is possible to change or remove the products, choose the shipping date, the mode of transport and any other information requested by the company: all fields are customizable.

It offers a series of additional integrated functions: spare parts management, business intelligence, product data management, contract management and electronic signatures (legally valid!), price logic management, promo and canvass.

SellMore provides a back office web portal where you can create configurations, rules and constraints.

Learn how our customers are having success thanks to SellMore

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Characteristics and Advantages

Increase sales efficiency.

Enable sales representatives to quickly create custom, error-free quotes that comply with company policies. Generate proposals quickly, providing specific prices by customer, channel and market.

Optimize time and eliminate errors.

Simplify and speed up the configuration of quotations, eliminating errors caused by transcriptions, or by the exchange of information via email/telephone, or by the handover between different departments.

Work on multiple channels in sync.

Generate documents of thousands of lines in seconds, with automated approval and customized workflows.

Improve operational efficiency.

Define intelligent and integrated sales processes: from the generation of the quote to the fulfillment of the order.

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The product configurator developed for the quotation process and the automatized generation of customer orders.

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