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Graphometric signature –SellMore Sign

SellMore Sign allows you to digitally collect any form and contract with the signature of your customer, legally recognized.

Developed for companies in the pharmaceutical, automotive, services (light, gas, …) industries, and in general for all the companies that have to deal with contracts management in their sales processes.

Become paperless.


Collect contracts with a graphometric signature.

The graphometric signature is a tool that allows you to put a legally valid signature, thanks to biometric parameters such as the pressure made with the electronic pen and the signing speed.


Close deals faster, wherever you are and without the possibility of making mistakes.

Reduce administrative time by eliminating paper documents and flows, simplify the process to the advantage of your customers and collaborators.

Keep track of the documents that must be signed and consult status and statistics.

Offers and contracts can be signed directly on the seller’s device, thanks to the graphometric signature.

SellMore Sign can be integrated with all the electronic signature suppliers in the market and it satisfies the strictest safety standards.

SellMore Sign is Temovo’s solution for the management of contracts with graphometric signature.

The module allows you to digitalize the process of contracts and forms collection from the sales team, but also to authorize and organize this information.

SellMore Sign can be integrated to the OMS – Order Management System app and to the ERP already in use.


5 simple steps and the digital contract is signed.


Choose the form:

forms are pre-printed documents.


Fill in the data:

the form is filled starting from customer data and other data can be manually added by the agent.



the contract is thus born from a filled-in form and it becomes a PDF.


Graphometric signature:

the PDF contains areas that require a graphometric signature.


Final document:

the signed PDF is digitally marked and it has legal value.

Approval flow

SellMore then sends the signed contract to the head office for approval. Even this process is completely automated.

Every contract can have its own approval flow managed via BPM (Business Process Management).

Forms consultation via web

On web the forms area is made available with:

  • filterable forms list by creator, period of validity, type of form, status
  • documents visualization and download


In the web area it is possible to see which customers have:

  • approved forms
  • expired forms
  • forms to collect


  • Elimination of paper in every company process
  • Digital organization of contracts and company forms
  • Simplification and reduction of time in case of contentious
  • Validation and normalization of incoming data
  • Elimination of controls and increase in the quality of collected data
  • Automation of forms validations and authorization processes
  • Reduction of insertion errors, drastic reduction of administrative time
  • Integration of the data collected manually in the ERP (and therefore elimination of transcription times)
  • Consultation of historical data and statistics on forms that guarantee an increase in the performance of the sales network

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