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We need revolution.
Temovo looks at how companies do business, listens and then develops revolutionary solutions, both technologically and functionally. Get to know our software architect and discover a true designer…
Our target market is international, where we aim, in particular, to work with dynamic and innovative companies.
Temovo is an Italian company that looks to do business internationally. We develop solutions to allow companies to work on the move.

In our opinion, enterprise software functionalities applied to the new paradigm of tablets is the future. We develop technology internally, mainly based on the Apple and Google platforms, starting with apps developed for the iPad (iOS).

The main business focus of Temovo is the development of apps for tablets with business use. Our clients are companies which need customizable services and continuity of care.

We also perform direct delivery of all services and technical assistance, setup and/or training, customizations or developments of market vertical solutions.

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