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SellMore BI – Business Intelligence solution

Temovo provides consulting services and business intelligence solutions to improve performance in marketing and sales processes, simplify operational and strategic decision-making process and promote sales.

SellMore BI can also be integrated with CRM, the Sales Force Automation system and B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms.

Analyze offers and orders

We use AWS QuickSight to analyze large amounts of data quickly and cost-effectively.

We provide to all the users you want the analytical skills needed to improve the performance of sales processes.

Our solution allows you to analyze the trend of offers and sales over time, by geographical area, type of item, average signing time or by type of negotiation closing.

Modern and easy dashboards

With SellMore BI you can analyze the data collected by SellMore for iPad or SellMore Web in an easy and fast way.

We will be able to create analyses on offers and orders, analyzing the data by value, number of items, product family, geographical area, offer revision number, average closing time, …


Connect all your data


  • Connect yourself to all your data in AWS, third-party cloud or on premise.
  • Add your ERP information.
  • Combine data from multiple sources and create complex data models.

Fast and low-cost


  • The serverless architecture automatically scales up to hundreds of thousands of users with high availability.
  • SPICE’s in-memory engine automatically scales to deliver fast, consistent response times.
  • Billing per session optimizes costs by billing only for actual use.
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Take advantage of the intelligence of SellMore BI


  • SellMore continously analyzes all your data looking for anomalies and variations.
  • Predict business metrics and perform interactive what-if analyses in just a few clicks.
  • SellMore generates automatic descriptions that can be customized and integrated into dashboards for a more detailed context.
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Interrogate in autonomy


  • SellMore BI provides Q, a system that allows end users to dig deeper into the data through imple questions without any BI training.
  • Analyze data using QuikSight’s fully web-based creation interface.

Crea dashboards in a visual way

SellMore BI allows you to create graphically rich and visually striking dashboards.

We always include at least one dashboard created together with the customer.

Moreover, it is possible to gradually increase the available analyses, by connecting data from external systems such as management software (ERP) or other departmental ones.

A system accessible to everyone

SellMore BI allows the advanced user to create increasingly sophisticated analyses.

Temovo provides the main analyses on the closing time of offers, in order to give you a starting point for an in-depth analysis on sales behavior.


Key results


Increase in conversions

Thanks to personalized product recommendations

Decrease in the cost of acquiring new customers

Thanks to the optimization of commercial and marketing strategies

Increase in the efficiency of the sales force

Thanks to the management of goals and the monitoring of KPIs

Increase in sales to existing customers

Thanks to precise cross-selling and up-selling targeting

Customer loyalty

Thanks to a better shopping experience

Effective sales strategies

Thanks to the analysis of historical and current data from different channels

Why integrate a data analysis tool to your B2B/B2C e-commerce and/or Sales Force Automation:



  • data is collected in real-time, aggregated, interpreted and distributed within the organization
  • allows you to guide future strategies and decisions
  • for easy-to-understand reports and dashboards
  • to operate proactively
  • to constantly monitor sales trends and make targeted decisions
  • to improve the performance of both online and “in the field” sales processes.

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