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B2B portals development

Temovo is a company specialized in the development of web and mobile B2B and B2C apps. We take care of the project starting from a deep analysis of the customer’s needs.

A custom online B2B/B2C portal allows customers to directly manage their orders in a safe, practical and efficient way.

Make B2B e-commerce a seamless part of your ecosystem.

Give your customers complete control over their orders, simplifying your sales team’s processes. Integrate your B2B activity with the other systems already in use in your company (CRM, ERP, WMS, …) while providing a custom experience.

Captivating e-commerce websites

Custom e-commerce portals allow you to maximize sales processes efficiency and monitor sales, as well as gather precious information to improve commercial strategies.

Temovo uses cutting-edge technology to design and develop all-in-one B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) solutions that allow companies to expand distribution channels and obtain competitive advantage for every market verticalization.

The SellMore B2B portal connects manufacturers, resellers and suppliers. The B2C version, on the other hand, concentrates on selling products, services and information directly to final customers. Our web portals are completely customizable and help our customers to promote their products/services in the best way possible.

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Types of B2B or B2C web portal:

Sellers B2B portal

Customers B2B/B2C portal

Partners B2B portal

E-commerce B2B portal

Main requirements of a web portal:


Clean and clear user interface. A B2B portal that is intuitive to use.


Maximum speed of web app loading. Use of modern technologies.


Safety of web apps, data protection and backup.


Easy access from different devices to facilitate real time sync.


Flexible structure to an increasing number of users.


Give useful information for the achievement of goals.

Industries we’ve developed B2B portals for

We have a lot of experience in the development of custom B2B portals for a great variety of industries. This is why we can develop a high quality app that satisfies all your needs. Among the industries we have been working with, we can find: automotive, machinery, systems, HVAC, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, beauty and consumer goods.


SellMore B2B portal advantages

Data sync in real time

Simplify the entering of orders for customers by making sure that information such as products availability, prices and delivery times are constantly updated. The native integration of SellMore with the ERP system allows an instant and bidirectional synchronization.

Search, filters and smart functionalities

Optimize UX (User Experience) and help users to explore the products catalog and offers through functionalities like advanced search.

Keep information safe

SellMore files data following high safety standards guaranteed by Amazon AWS Servers. It manages information in a safe and secure way thanks to roles and visibility permissions.

Perfect integration with your workflow

Integrate your B2B portal with the systems and tools you’re already using, such as the ERP and CRM. Automate workflows thanks to the BPM (Business Process Management).

Customize views and purchase modalities

Customize the catalog and the purchase interface depending on your business. SellMore makes available a powerful configurator CPQ for any sales needs.

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What is the SellMore B2B portal?

SellMore is a B2B sales portal (but also B2C); a web or mobile platform that allows the automated management of sales orders. SellMore is a scalable and flexible system targeted at businesses, such as manufacturers selling to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers. 

Can I design the way my products are displayed on the portal?

Absolutely yes. The SellMore portal allows you to create a personalized menu and publish catalogs, price lists and multimedia according to the reference market or a specific customer.

Can I monitor customer activity on the portal?

The SellMore portal allows you to incorporate a powerful BI (Business Intelligence) module, to check sales trends and improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns. For more information on BI, visit the dedicated page.

Is there a way to optimize the ordering process in the SellMore B2B portal?

Yes, through the cpq functions. Products with multiple variants (size, color) for example, have a matrix table for easy selection of multiple variants in one order. For more information on the cpq configurator, visit the dedicated page.

What are the advantages of a B2B portal?

Some of the benefits of a B2B e-commerce portal are:

    1. Simplification of product configuration processes.
    2. Building better customer relationships.
    3. Improved customer satisfaction.
    4. Elimination or reduction of administrative work.
    5. Data Collection and Analysis.
    6. Reliable access to digital product catalogs and price lists, all in one place.

Why create a custom web portal for B2B?

Every business has a unique process and works with a variety of systems that support its operations, including legacy systems and private databases. Custom portals are designed to fit seamlessly into your company’s infrastructure and process. Unlike platform-based development which leaves less room for customization.

What are the advatages of building your own B2B portal?

Building your own B2B e-commerce solution has various benefits including:

    1. Drive customer retention.
    2. Greater customization.
    3. Greater flexibility.
    4. Scalability.
    5. Advanced insight gathering features.

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